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Idaho Hill PTO Agenda October 13, 2015

Attendees­ Dallys (T), Christy (P), Wilma (T), Linda (P), Anna (T), Launa (S), Marya (P), Janice (P), Cecilia (P), Savanna (S,P), Renee (S,P)

Correspondences: None at this time

Treasurer's Report:

  • Checking $4,344.43
  • Student Store $1,937.30
  • Money Market $7,657.04

Old Business:

  •  Escrip
  •  Safeway/Vons no longer participating
  •  Found out that we will get 4 disbursements over the next year at 95% of out last years totals
  •  We have received one and will be receiving 3 others over the school year
  •  But we will still need to look at alternative funding source

Box Tops & Soup Labels

  • PTO gives a candy bouquet to the student that brings the most box tops and soup labels combined
  • $86 in box tops was sent early in the month
  • Rhonda S. has been counting box tops/soup labels every friday so we keep up on it ➢ Wilma motions to pay for candy bouquets for all qtrs.
  • Anna seconds
  • all in favor
  • Launa to get us a invoice for the bouquets

 Parent involvement Fund

  • Susie L. looking for any ideas for use of these funds
  • Family Read Week Nov 17th (Cuddle Up With A Classic is the theme) 
  • Maybe inviting families at the end of the day on one of the days to read with the students. We could have snacks at that time
  • Wilma motions for PTO to provide snacks during family read week $20 family visit day
  • Dally seconds
  • All in favor 

Ticket to Read/MobyMax

  • Program has many features and is aligned to Idaho state standards
  • Primary teachers haven’t used Reading area in Mobymax very much
  • Wilma shares 6th grade students letters about Mobymax
  • 2nd grade has used for math ➢ 1st has used for Reading and there has been some issues with computer voice
  • New Reading Trio just started for K­3 but we haven’t had time to look at it
  • Lots of discussion about how the program works and what features are available
  • Wilma motions to cover the cost of the program for the whole school
  • Janice seconds
  • All in favor

 AR Carnival

  • Launa explains AR, AR store and the AR carnival
  • AR points are earned by reading books and taking tests on the computer
  • AR store is in the hallway by the office and students can use points to “buy” little gifts/items in the store
  • The carnival is a chance for students to use AR points for games or activities
  • The carnival is a lot of work for Launa and PTO has supplies funds for prizes between $200­$300
  • We will table carnival until next meeting to allow time to see if students are earning enough points to have the carnival
  • AR will also need funding in March between $1500­$1700
  • Everyone to look at funding

New Business

  • Fish Food For the fish in the hallway by the office
  • About $6 a couple times a year
  • Launa motions for PTO to buy fish food whenever needed
  • Wilma seconds
  • All in favor

6th Grade fundraising

  • PTO approved funds to go toward a robotics program at the end of last year but this will not cover the cost of the program just 1 robot kit
  • 6th grade with PTO is starting a Halloween Candy basket raffle and if it goes well later in the year they will try selling Valentine Grams as well
  • Savanna to start a sub account for 6th grade fundraising to keep these separate
  • Janice motions to cover the cost of the bouquet $20
  • Wilmia seconds
  • All in favor
  • The $20 PTO paid for this will be taken off the top of candy raffle profits

 Veterans Day

  • Nov 11th we will have an assembly
  • Susie requesting up to $40 to purchase refreshments for Veterans after the assembly
  • Linda motions for $40 to pay for refreshments Janice seconds ■ All in favor
  • Savanna to set up table during lunch for students to sign cards/ make pictures for the veterans
  • She will need a volunteer to help with this
  • Linda, Cecilia, and Janice to help with this
  • Savanna to contact them with the date she will be doing this

 Scratch for Schools

  • October 28th in CDA
  • Savanna, Tallie and Renee will be going
  • Savanna to check if Dallys can come as well

Pull­up bars

  • Have been temporarily fixed but District maintenance will be looking at them to see what needs to be done to fix/replace
  • As far as we know PTO has paid for these in the past
  • Cecilia motions to cover the cost to fix or replace these when we find out more from Casey
  • Janice seconds ➢ All in favor

Red Ribbon Week Oct 26

  • Susie requesting $100 to pay for ribbons,stickers, or the like as a give away
  • Janice motions to give $100 to Susie for Red Ribbon Week prizes
  • Wilma seconds ■ All in favor
  • This will come from Student Store funds

Christmas program

  • Do we what to use the same Santa as the last few years?
  • Yes use same santa
  • Savanna to contact Curtis ■ Gift card for Santa? ● Wilma motions to give Santa a $50 gift card from Safeway ● Mahyra seconds ● All in favor
  • Candy Canes ■ Does someone want to volunteer to make a request to Ben Franklin? ■ Linda will do this ■ Linda motions for $30 to go toward the purchase of candy canes if they aren’t donated ■ Launa seconds ■ All in favor
  • Savanna to work with students during the Wednesday PLC time to create art to decorate the gym and hallways for the program. ■ She will need volunteers to help with this in November ■ Janice, Ciciela, and Mahyra have volunteered to help ■ Savanna to contact volunteers about when she will do this

 Volunteer Orientation

  • Oct. 19th 8am ➢ Need a list of possible volunteer opportunities for Dallys

 Possible whole school field trip

  • Launa looking into this ➢ Barnes and Noble ➢ Trying for Read across america week in March 

Possible reading theme

  • tye dye theme for reading ➢ Launa has created tie dye paws and dogs to be hung ➢ She will let us know at next meeting if she needs anything

 Kristy T hs tax id for in kind donations 

Kristy Tucker request for ability to use ein and budget info for grant writing

Next meeting will be Nov 10th at 3:00pm

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